GUN SHY limited edition candle

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GUN SHY limited edition candle

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The GUN SHY candles were specifically created for Lili lovers with special attention to the scent (PINE FOREST!). If you've read the book, you'll get the reference - and you'll want to scoop one of these up immediately, before they go away forever ;)

Baby light my fire

Not only do these Aussie-made candles smell amazing when they’re lit, because we use the finest fragrances, our candles still emit fragrance even when they’re just sitting there, not even burning, filling your room with fragrance.


Place in any room in the house that requires extra magic.

Tips and tricks:

Trim wick to about half a centimetre prior to lighting.
If your candle starts smoking, your wick is too long. Blow it out, trim and relight.
If your wick is drowning, melt some of the wax around the wick and pour out until wick is visible.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Soy Wax: hydrogenated soy oil and contains a soy-based additive. It is vegan, natural and kosher.
Fragrance: composed of natural, naturally-derived, and synthetic ingredients. All fragrance materials have been studied by RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials) for safety, and IFRA (International Fragrance Association) has set forth a code of practices for use of the materials. This ensures that fragrances are safe for consumers. Phthalate free. A pinch of St. Germain badassery is added to each candle at no extra charge ;)

*All candle orders are available to ship within AUSTRALIA only and will be shipped by December 1st, 2017*

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