lili st. germain store


Every so often, Lili opens her online store for orders. Usually, this happens just once per year. HOWEVER! Due to huge and continued demand (AND because it’s the 5 year anniversary of the GYPSY BROTHERS series!), the store is re-opening for 72 hours only!

The store is open January 6th-10th and all orders will ship from St. Germain HQ by February 18th, 2019.

All packages are tracked and tracking confirmation numbers will be sent out by February 25th. 


Why will my order take so long?


Books are printed in the USA, then shipped to Lili in Western Australia to sign, pack and send to you. This turnaround from placing your print order to getting the finished, signed product into a pretty parcel to send to you takes about a month (plus shipping time from her to you). If you're looking for instant gratification, this is not the place ;)


Your candles are hand-made locally by a small business. Once the store closes, our candle creator will get down to work pouring wax, adding signature scents and hand-painting beautiful gold foil lettering on each individual candle! This takes a little time - especially since she is in high demand and often has other orders to complete before devoting her time to the St. Germain candle collection - but her handmade work results in the most amazing, high-quality end result :)